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Design for thoughtful brands.

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I believe we all have something meaningful to contribute.

I believe we should all be confident sharing it. I help small businesses clarify their voice and make their vision a reality. I specialize in design for thoughtful brands. It’s my goal to nurture your brand and make it uniquely yours with some focused thinking, intentional design and the resources to sustain your brand even after the project is complete. A thoughtful brand builds credibility, purpose and loyalty with the audience you want to attract in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


“Quality over quantity. Customer over masses. Confidence over trend.”



What to expect

An Evergreen Investment

I want to give you a timeless and strategic brand solution that resonates with your clients long term. And ultimately, you’ll have confidence in your brand, attract the clients you want and have the ability to charge more for your services.

Thoughtful Brand Strategy

I’ll help you clarify your why and discover or refine your unique brand purpose, voice and perspective which informs your brand identity.

Bespoke Offerings

I will create a brand identity that is uniquely yours with offerings that are customized for your needs. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions.

Brand Resources to Guide

I want you to have the resources you need to help maintain your brand long term. I provide you with files, guidelines and tutorials so you don’t have to hire a creative to make a small tweak down the road.

Peace of Mind

You should have a dedicated and experienced brand designer that will deliver your branding project on-time and on-budget.

Clarity & Communication

I take on a limited number of projects so I can dedicate undivided attention to each client. From the beginning of a project you will receive a project schedule, materials and guidance you need to maintain the timeline to result in the best solutions for your brand. We will meet regularly over video or locally in person as outlined in the schedule to keep the project on track.


Brand & Website Design Package

Timeline | 8 weeks

This is for you if:

You understand that an intentional, comprehensive brand will help set your business apart and attract your ideal customer. You are ready to invest the time and commitment it takes to create your tailored and cohesive brand and web strategy.

What’s included:

1 | Strategy – includes Brand & Website Workbook as well as carefully curated mood boards.

2 | Complete brand identity – includes a brand toolkit consisting of logo, typeface recommendations, color selection, custom graphics and digital files with brand guidelines.

3 | Responsive website design – includes desktop and mobile website design with custom CSS, foundational SEO, optimized site images, blog and e-commerce capabilities through Squarespace so you can manage it after the project is complete.

4 | Several collateral/promotional materials tailored to your needs – includes custom design and delivery of final working files and press-ready PDFs with printing specifications.

5 | Instruction – includes a one-hour consultation on how to manage your brand and website before launch.

Brand Design Package

Timeline | 4 weeks

This is for you if:

You don’t need a branded website at this point, but you want to invest your time and care into crafting a tailored and cohesive brand strategy that will attract the clients you want.

What’s included:

1 | Strategy – includes Brand Workbook as well as carefully curated mood boards.

2 | Complete brand identity – includes a brand toolkit consisting of logo, typeface recommendations, color selection, custom graphics and digital files with brand guidelines.

3 | A couple of collateral/promotional materials tailored to your needs – includes custom design and delivery of final working files and press-ready PDFs with printing specifications.

4 | Instruction – includes a 30-minute consultation on how to manage your brand.

Brand Coaching

Duration | 1 hour

This is for you if:

If you are feeling stuck with where to go in your brand and want some guidance before you make a bigger investment.

What’s included:

1 | Strategy – Gain the confidence to keep moving forward with your brand with access to the Brand Workbook and and hour-long phone call to discuss and brainstorm.


1 | Client Preparation


Before the project begins, I will guide your through your Brand Workbook – a series of comprehensive questionnaires for your brand, client experience and website as well as a secret mood board on Pinterest. One week before the design process begins, I will need your completed Brand Workbook, content, copy and photographs. Need help finding someone to write about or photograph your work? Let me know, I’d love to recommend someone to help. Worried about completing your Brand Workbook before the week your project begins? No worries – we will work with you on booking a date that allows you enough time to comfortably finish.

2 | Research

MOOD BOARD & strategy refinement

I will develop a more cohesive mood board using the images you've collected in your Brand Workbook that visually represent the feeling you want your brand to convey. We will also refine any Brand Workbook content that will help aid the design strategy such as the mission statement and design goals. I will send it to you for approval to make sure we are on the same page before I begin designing your brand.  |  1 revision

3 | Design  

Part 1 | Logo and Brand Guidelines

Once the mood board is finalized, I create several sketched concepts for the logo and narrow in on the best single and unique logo solution. As a designer, I feel it is best to not overwhelm and spend time presenting logo options that are not the best solution. After presenting, I make any tweaks and changes necessary to appeal to your ideal client. From there we’ll add in alternate logos, color palette, signature patterns, type combinations, graphics or other design elements to complete your brand. I’ll compile all of those elements into brand guidelines for your future reference so you can keep your brand consistent when the project is complete.  |  1 revision


The brand guidelines inform the look of your collateral pieces. I design the collateral items of your choice and provide you with the necessary files for printing or finishing. Together we will determine what pieces you will need for your brand.  |  1 revision

Part 3 | WEBSITE DESIGN (Brand + Website Design Package Only)

After the brand and collateral items are complete, I begin building your Squarespace website. Squarespace is a great platform with blog and e-commerce capabilities that will allow you to update and manage your website after the project is complete. I start by mapping out your site to ensure that the layout is smart and intuitive, and then I tailor it with the elements of your new brand. I create completely customized layouts, add custom CSS and foundational SEO and you get a polished branded site that tells your story in an effective way.  |  2 revisions

4 | Instruction & File Handoff

END OF project timeframe

When your brand and website is complete, we can meet for about 30 minutes to an hour to go over how to manage your brand and website. Then all files and site ownership are handed off to you and we can prepare for Launch Day!

Here’s what past clients are saying – 



Manda Cantu

Fatberry Photography

“Working with Rachel Negahban was one of the best choices I’ve made. I trusted her to create design elements that would best represent my business and personality and I could not be more pleased with the outcome. If you are looking for website and brand design, I highly recommend working with Rachel.”


Hillary Bott Sorrentino

Illustrator & Surface Designer

“Rachel excelled at the creative technical aspects of brand and web design. She is an excellent communicator and was always thorough with questions or comments along the way. The idea she brought to the table for my site blew me away and I couldn’t be happier with the result.”


Michelle Castor

Agua y Sangre Healing

“I would say RUN, not walk to get Rachel booked! She is an absolute dream to work with and you will be so excited to have such creative and professional and TALENTED help manifesting your vision into reality. You deserve it!”

How to Book

In order to be fully dedicated to each client, I work with one client at a time in designated intervals. As a client, you get my undivided attention during that time and I get time dedicated to doing my best work rather than trying to manage multiple projects.

1  |  Look

First, read through my services above and take a look at some of my most recent projects.

2  |  Inquire

If you like what you see, simply inquire by sending me an email. I look forward to hearing from you!

3  |  Meet

We'll chat in person, over the phone or video conference to get to know each other better and discuss your project in detail. I can answer any additional questions you might have.

4  |  Reserve

Reserve your spot in my calendar with a signed contract and a 50% deposit. I'll send your Brand Workbook to complete before your project begins. Email me about my next available date.